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The Connecticut College Athletic Training Team

Daniel Siopa, Dale Robinson-Gervais, John Heck and Kelly Coleman

 Who we are:

 The Athletic Trainers of the Connecticut College Sports Medicine Staff practice under the standing orders and direction of team physicians and orthopedists Dr. Steven Carlow, M.D. and Dr. Steven Wei, M.D.  of Seacoast Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine in Groton, Conn.  Each of us holds a national certification to practice and each is licensed by the Connecticut State Department of Public Health. Our policy decisions are based upon NATA Position Statements, the NCAA Sports Medicine Handbook and the statements derived from the International Consensus Conference on Concussion in Sport.

Certified Athletic Trainers are recognized by the American Medical Association as Allied Health professionals who collaborate with physicians to provide health care services to athletes and those engaged in physical activity. ATC’S must graduate with at least a bachelor’s degree from an accredited athletic training education program and pass a national exam by the independent Board of Certification. ATC’s are required to complete 50 hours of continuing medical education every two years.


What we do:

Our practice includes the prevention, evaluation, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of neurological and musculoskeletal injuries sustained in physical activity as well as general medical conditions and concussions.

We provide patient health screenings and education, ImPact Testing, and counseling. We employ bracing, taping and wrapping techniques, as well as the use of therapeutic modalities such as ultrasound, low level laser, Graston treatments, hydrotherapy, massage and therapeutic exercise. We also collaborate with other physicians, physical therapists, nurses, chiropractors, mental health counselors and massage therapists to broaden patient outcomes based upon the diverse needs of our students.

Our mission is to provide medical care and event coverage for Connecticut College’s intercollegiate athletics program. The physical and emotional needs of our athletes are always our first consideration and our goal is to return injured athletes to play as soon as is medically safe. We are committed to protecting the health and well being of our student athletes and to promoting their education as a means of reducing injury and improving the quality of their athletic experience while in college and throughout life. 


Connecticut College Sports Medicine Service Policy:


Services are provided for the following people:


1. All varsity athletes on an in-season roster or tryout roster


2. Those who have left their sport for any reason but having sustained an injury while still on the team or while trying out


3. Out-of-season recruits or athletes on a roster 


4. Dance majors and minors.


5. Visiting intercollegiate teams competing at Connecticut College


Non- athletes and club athletes are to report to Student Health Services for evaluation and referrals for treatment with a Physical Therapist or other provider as Health Services deems necessary. Other options include: Pequot Urgent Care Center or Lawrence and Memorial Hospital.  Connecticut College Sports Medicine regrets that we are unable treat club athletes or the general student population.  

Clearance for a Return to Play following Injury or Illness

A member of the Sports Medicine Staff must clear injured athletes for participation following recovery.  Second opinions from other practitioners are both welcome and taken into consideration but the final authority rests with the Sports Medicine Staff and Team Physician.


All athletes who have been diagnosed with Mononucleosis must be cleared through Student Health Services, no exceptions.


Hours of Service:

General Operating Hours while College is in Session:

Monday - Friday 1 PM - 7:30 PM

Only in-season, varsity athletes may be seen or use the facility after 3:00 PM, unless prior arrangements have been made with a member of the Sports Medicine Staff.
Practices and competitions that occur outside of the hours above will be served as described below. 

When the College is not in Session (Weekends, Holidays, Breaks) or Outside of General Operating Hours:

The Sports Medicine Facility is open for in-season, varsity, student-athletes only, beginning 2 hours prior to most competitions, and 1 hour prior to most practices (30 min prior if practice begins at or earlier than 7 AM).  The facility will remain open for a minimum of 30 minutes following competitions and practices' scheduled end times (longer as needed to attend to acute injuries sustained during event). Practices without a scheduled end time will be assumed to have a 2 hour duration. 

Facility hours for these times are indicated on the dry erase board next to the facility entrance. No out-of-season athletes or Dance Major/Minors will be seen during these times.


Pre-participation Medical Clearance Procedures:


First Time Participant Clearance:


1. All varsity athletes or walk-ons new to Connecticut College Athletics are required to have a physical examination conducted by their physician or APRN using the Athletic Health Screening Form/NCAA Format which can be found here and in the Enrollment Guide. Those who have completed this form AND participated in Connecticut College athletics in the previous school year need not fill out another.


The Athletic Health Screening Form must be completed no earlier than 6 months prior to the first official date of team activity as determined by the head coach of each team. . The due date is July 15, 2015. Both the self-report portion of the form and the physician evaluation portion must be filled out completely with no part of it skipped or deferred.  All lab results for Sickle Cell must be included, regardless of race. Review CAREFULLY before you send! Any omissions will slow or effectively stop the clearance process. You will not be able to practice or play until such time as these forms are complete.

Upon completion, the Athletic Health Screening Form/NCAA Format may be faxed to the Connecticut College Head Athletic Trainer at 860-439-5033 (a confidential line),  or mailed to Head Athletic Trainer, Connecticut College Sports Medicine, Campus Box 5245, 270 Mohegan Avenue, New London, CT 06320. 

Clearance times vary widely dependent upon many factors. Information on clearance will be sent to individual coaches as soon as possible.

Send Health History and Immunization information to Student Health Services, Box HLTH CTR, Connecticut College, 270 Mohegan Ave, New London, CT 06320.


2. All student athletes that have been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD and are currently taking medication for the same will need to fill out the ADHD Medical Exception Information Form in concert with their physician.  This is to comply with the NCAA recommendation for stricter guidelines as it pertains to the use of stimulants, which are normally banned for competition. No athlete will be required to stop taking prescribed medications, but physicians and athletes are encouraged to consider non-banned alternatives.


3. Once at Connecticut College, two additional clearances are conducted: An annual team meeting to further discern physical readiness and provide basic education regarding athletic participation and a one-time baseline concussion test for students participating in Basketball, Diving, Field Hockey, Ice Hockey, Lacrosse, Sailing, Soccer, and Water Polo. Students will be contacted with a date and time for the administration of each of these meetings.  As with the Athletic Health Screening Form, students will not be able to compete until this is completed.


Health Insurance Information:


Mandatory Student Accident Plan

All Connecticut College students are covered by the Student Accident  Plan, whether or not they enrolled in the Student Health Plan. The basics are as follows: Claims will be submitted to Gallagher Student if not covered by primary (parental) insurance and processed under the Mandatory Student Accident Plan for $0 - $10,000 per injury, and if over this amount, the Excess Intercollegiate Sports Accident Blanket Policy for $10,000 - $90,000 per injury. Claims will be paid at 100% of Usual & Customary after the per injury deductible+. For more complete information, see our Sports Policy Flowchart and Insurance Summary here.


NCAA Coverage above $90,000

For Varsity athletes, the NCAA provides additional catastrophic coverage above $90,000 through the NCAA Catastrophic Insurance Program.


This is in no way meant to provide a full picture or guarantee of coverage and exclusions do apply. Claim forms for these plans must be filled out and sent in to our claims processor by a member of the Sports Medicine Staff or Student Health Services Staff if the student is to receive insurance benefits.


Contact Us:


Connecticut College Sports Medicine

Athletics Department Box 5245

270 Mohegan Avenue

New London, CT 06320

Phone (860) 439-2571

Fax (860) 439-5033



 John P. Heck, Interim Head Athletic Trainer; Office (860) 439-5155*



Daniel Siopa, Assistant Athletic Trainer; Office (860) 439-5160*



Kelly Coleman, Assistant Athletic Trainer; Office (860) 439-2086*



*The aforementioned phone numbers are not answered regularly during Winter, Spring and Summer breaks. Messages may be best sent through email during these times



Athletic Health Screening Form


Basic Concussion Information for Students and Parents


Summary of Insurance Coverage


Excess Sports Accident Insurance-FAQ


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