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2016-17 Connecticut College Men's Swimming Roster

Event Hometown High School
Adam Ambrosey full bio Adam Ambrosey Class: Fr. Event:   Hometown: Milford, Conn. High School:  
Loring Bowen full bio Loring Bowen Class: Sr. Event:   Hometown: Summit, N.J. High School:  
Niko Brosnihan full bio Niko Brosnihan Class: Sr. Event:   Hometown: Troy, N.Y. High School:  
Ballard Brown full bio Ballard Brown Class: Fr. Event:   Hometown: Crestwood, Ky. High School:  
Grant Bullis full bio Grant Bullis Class: Jr. Event:   Hometown: Saratoga, N.Y. High School:  
Matt Delaporte full bio Matt Delaporte Class: Sr. Event:   Hometown: Lincoln Park, N.J. High School:  
Jake Easton full bio Jake Easton Class: Fr. Event:   Hometown: Oreland, Pa. High School:  
Tom Edwards full bio Tom Edwards Class: Jr. Event:   Hometown: Lincoln, Mass. High School:  
Andrew Eigner full bio Andrew Eigner Class: So. Event:   Hometown: Cheshire, Conn. High School:  
Evan Fischer full bio Evan Fischer Class: Sr. Event:   Hometown: Ridgewood, N.J. High School:  
Mike Fothergill full bio Mike Fothergill Class: Sr. Event:   Hometown: Medford, Mass. High School:  
Drake Freiberg full bio Drake Freiberg Class: Jr. Event:   Hometown: South Glastonbury, Conn. High School:  
Miles Hamberg full bio Miles Hamberg Class: Fr. Event:   Hometown: New York, N.Y. High School:  
Marc Klepacki full bio Marc Klepacki Class: So. Event:   Hometown: Hadley, Mass. High School:  
Trebor Lawton full bio Trebor Lawton Class: Sr. Event:   Hometown: Gorham, Maine High School:  
Nick Miller full bio Nick Miller Class: Jr. Event:   Hometown: Brookfield, Conn. High School:  
Mason Molina full bio Mason Molina Class: Sr. Event:   Hometown: Wilton, Conn. High School:  
Carson Owlette full bio Carson Owlette Class: Sr. Event:   Hometown: Wellsboro, Pa. High School:  
AJ Pite full bio AJ Pite Class: Jr. Event:   Hometown: Orange, Conn. High School:  
Charlie Pite full bio Charlie Pite Class: Jr. Event:   Hometown: Orange, Conn. High School:  
Stephen Skaperdas full bio Stephen Skaperdas Class: Sr. Event:   Hometown: New Canaan, Conn. High School:  
Weston Stephens full bio Weston Stephens Class: Jr. Event:   Hometown: Springfield, Ill. High School:  
George Tilneac full bio George Tilneac Class: Jr. Event:   Hometown: New York, N.Y. High School:  
Jaleel Watler full bio Jaleel Watler Class: So. Event:   Hometown: Brooklyn, N.Y. High School: