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2016-17 Connecticut College Men's Track & Field Roster

Event Hometown High School
Russell Adam full bio Russell Adam Cl.: So. Event:   Hometown: Cheshire, Conn. High School:  
Danny Aschale full bio Danny Aschale Cl.: Fr. Event:   Hometown: Cambridge, Mass. High School:  
Jacob Beloin full bio Jacob Beloin Cl.: Fr. Event:   Hometown: Cheshire, Conn. High School:  
Ben Bosworth full bio Ben Bosworth Cl.: Sr. Event:   Hometown: Dorchester, Mass. High School:  
Jacob Brill-Weil full bio Jacob Brill-Weil Cl.: Fr. Event:   Hometown: Cambridge, Mass. High School:  
Christian Carr-Locke full bio Christian Carr-Locke Cl.: Fr. Event:   Hometown: Walpole, Mass. High School:  
Jordan Comeau full bio Jordan Comeau Cl.: Jr. Event:   Hometown: Winchendon, Mass. High School:  
Mike D'Onofrio full bio Mike D'Onofrio Cl.: So. Event:   Hometown: East Haven, Conn. High School:  
Price Day full bio Price Day Cl.: So. Event:   Hometown: Harvard, Mass. High School:  
Austin DiMartino full bio Austin DiMartino Cl.: So. Event:   Hometown: West Haven, Conn. High School:  
Henry Dresser-Kluchman full bio Henry Dresser-Kluchman Cl.: Fr. Event:   Hometown: Dover, Mass. High School:  
Jonathan Handy full bio Jonathan Handy Cl.: So. Event:   Hometown: Hingham, Mass. High School:  
Kyle Hawk full bio Kyle Hawk Cl.: So. Event:   Hometown: Napa, Calif. High School:  
Alejandro Hernandez full bio Alejandro Hernandez Cl.: Sr. Event:   Hometown: Miami, Fla. High School:  
Scott Mason full bio Scott Mason Cl.: So. Event:   Hometown: Wyndmoor, Pa. High School:  
Alex McGurk full bio Alex McGurk Cl.: Sr. Event:   Hometown: Lakeville, Mass. High School:  
Zander Mintz full bio Zander Mintz Cl.: Sr. Event:   Hometown: East Windsor, N.J. High School:  
Blake O'Neal full bio Blake O'Neal Cl.: So. Event:   Hometown: Houston, Texas High School:  
Geoff Pendergast full bio Geoff Pendergast Cl.: Sr. Event:   Hometown: Weston, Mass. High School:  
Andrew Peterson full bio Andrew Peterson Cl.: Jr. Event:   Hometown: Wallingford, Conn. High School:  
Raymond Rich-Fiondella full bio Raymond Rich-Fiondella Cl.: Sr. Event:   Hometown: North Haven, Conn. High School:  
Arlo Siegel full bio Arlo Siegel Cl.: So. Event:   Hometown: Florence, Mass. High School:  
Josh Simensky full bio Josh Simensky Cl.: Fr. Event:   Hometown: Falmouth, Maine High School:  
Sean Soucy full bio Sean Soucy Cl.: Fr. Event:   Hometown: Falmouth, Maine High School:  
Connor Trapp full bio Connor Trapp Cl.: Jr. Event:   Hometown: Wilmette, Ill. High School:  
Christian Whitaker full bio Christian Whitaker Cl.: Jr. Event:   Hometown: Dolton, Ill. High School: