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Camel Women's Hockey Press Conference with Captains & Coaches

Camel Women's Hockey Press Conference with Captains & Coaches

Press Conference

What did it feel like when you defeated top Seeded Middlebury to advance to the NESCAC Semifinals for the second consecutive year?

Olivia Farrell:

It was extremely exciting. We were pretty amped up going into it since we had a really close game with them a couple of weekends before and we knew that we could definitely win the game, no questions asked.  A lot of people probably doubted us being the eighth seeded team playing the number one team at Middlebury on their ice. But we felt really confident going into it and we liked playing on their sheet of ice the last time. I can't say that's been true in the past. But we really enjoyed it this time and it was just an exciting game.

Did the experience of playing in the NESCAC Semifinal Round at Middlebury last season help the team pull out the upset win last week

Justina Germano:

For the upperclassmen, since we had already been in a similar situation, we felt a little bit more comfortable. It was just a matter of bringing the freshmen up and ready to go.  As an upperclassman, it was a little bit easier and we were more prepared.

How did it feel when you scored the game-winner in overtime?

It's really kind of unexplainable! It was definitely a team effort. Shelley (Moore) picked it right off of the face-off and went hard to the net.  Jill (Dahrooge) was screening the goalie. We've practiced it before. It's really hard to explain, but definitely a team effort.

Can You Comment on Kelsie Fralick's 39 Save Effort in the Middlebury Win?

Amanda Bogue

She stood on her head for us. She really played a great game.

Olivia Farrell

She is obviously one of our most important players, without a doubt. She kept us in there and without her, I don't think we could have done it.

Can you Comment on the Progression of the First Year Defenders Jane Pagano and Julie Beattie?

Amanda Bogue

They have definitely brought a lot to our team. They are really strong in the defensive zone and bring a lot to the table offensively.

What Will it Take to Defeat Williams and Advance to Sunday's Championship Game?

Olivia Farrell

It will definitely take hard work.  We want it. I think we have a lot of momentum going into the game. We're very confident in the way we're playing right now. We had a really good week of practice. We need to just bear down and make sure we get a lot of shots on net and follow up and put it in.  I think we need goals and we've been doing well on the penalty kill and I think we play a good defensive game. But definitely stepping up right away in the offensive zone and making it known that we're there to win.

Justina Germano

We beat them before so we can beat them again.

Can you talk about how the team has gelled for you over the past month?

Head Coach Kristin Steele:

Over the last four weeks, the team really started to transition right when we were hitting the toughest part of our schedule.  We played Amherst who has been ranked as high as fourth in the East, Middlebury, and Williams. All three of these teams are one, two and three in the NESCAC.  Things started to come together a little bit more with our team after a lot of hard work and a lot of battling it out to see where everyone fit in.   So we kind of hit it right at the right time.  As the captains said, going into Middlebury, it was a match up that we were somewhat looking forward to. It wasn't a match up we were dreading.  So we were pretty confident going up and were actually looking forward to playing on the big ice sheet.  It works pretty well with our speed. It gives us a little bit more room in the corner.  We  were prepared to finish the job we started in the first game we played.

What will it take to keep winning?

I think we just have to continue doing what we're doing.  We're playing well and we're playing as a team.  As different people go down and different people come back in, they are filling right in and it's seamless.  I think we just need to continue to do that. The four teams that are going are all very good. We definitely show the strength of the league that top to bottom anybody can win. The weekend is anybody's game.  I don't think there will be any surprises, no matter who wins.  It's whoever puts their best foot forward and is ready to go.