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2016-17 Connecticut College Women's Rowing Roster

Hometown High School
Jackie Arrondo full bio Jackie Arrondo Cl.: So. Hometown: Needham, Mass. High School:  
Alexa Bassler full bio Alexa Bassler Cl.: So. Hometown: Belmont. Mass. High School:  
Madelyn Brewer full bio Madelyn Brewer Cl.: So. Hometown: Greenwich, Conn. High School:  
Camden Cone full bio Camden Cone Cl.: Jr. Hometown: Gardiner, Maine High School:  
Amelia DeFrancis full bio Amelia DeFrancis Cl.: Fr. Hometown: Northampton, Mass. High School:  
Annie DiLisio full bio Annie DiLisio Cl.: Sr. Hometown: North Yarmouth, Maine High School:  
Ashley Dillon full bio Ashley Dillon Cl.: Fr. Hometown: Wayzata, Minn. High School:  
Chelsea Dougherty full bio Chelsea Dougherty Cl.: Fr. Hometown: Smithtown, N.Y. High School:  
Beckie Duseau full bio Beckie Duseau Cl.: So. Hometown: Conway, Mass. High School:  
Maddy Fenderson full bio Maddy Fenderson Cl.: Jr. Hometown: Falmouth, Maine High School:  
Kelsey Fischer full bio Kelsey Fischer Cl.: Sr. Hometown: Quincy, Mass. High School:  
Emily Fryer full bio Emily Fryer Cl.: Fr. Hometown: West Dover, Vt. High School:  
Marissa Gildea full bio Marissa Gildea Cl.: Sr. Hometown: Cohasset, Mass. High School:  
Elly Gluschke full bio Elly Gluschke Cl.: Fr. Hometown: Westcliffe, Colo. High School:  
Megan Gummer full bio Megan Gummer Cl.: So. Hometown: Norwalk, Conn. High School:  
Emma Gutheinz full bio Emma Gutheinz Cl.: Fr. Hometown: Camden, Maine High School:  
Mara Holloman full bio Mara Holloman Cl.: So. Hometown: Chappaqua, N.Y. High School:  
Jessica Hunnewell full bio Jessica Hunnewell Cl.: Fr. Hometown: Sherborn, Mass. High School:  
Anna Jeffers full bio Anna Jeffers Cl.: Fr. Hometown: Cambridge, Mass. High School:  
Gavi King full bio Gavi King Cl.: So. Hometown: Raymond, Maine High School:  
Cammi Marcin full bio Cammi Marcin Cl.: So. Hometown: Lower Gwynedd, Pa. High School:  
Hope Murphy full bio Hope Murphy Cl.: Fr. Hometown:   High School:  
Megan Murray full bio Megan Murray Cl.: Sr. Hometown: Needham, Mass. High School:  
Julia Neumann full bio Julia Neumann Cl.: Fr. Hometown:   High School:  
Sophie Pollinger full bio Sophie Pollinger Cl.: Fr. Hometown: Summit, N.J. High School:  
Shelby Purdum full bio Shelby Purdum Cl.: Fr. Hometown: Grand Rapids, Minn. High School:  
Isabelle Smith full bio Isabelle Smith Cl.: So. Hometown: Surrey, the United Kingdom High School:  
Sarah Spound full bio Sarah Spound Cl.: Sr. Hometown: Florence, Mass. High School:  
Sarah Stephenson full bio Sarah Stephenson Cl.: Sr. Hometown: Wenham, Mass. High School:  
Thea Sweet full bio Thea Sweet Cl.: Fr. Hometown: Hallowell, Maine High School:  
Julia Vitagliano full bio Julia Vitagliano Cl.: So. Hometown: Newton, Mass. High School:  
Kayle Waterhouse full bio Kayle Waterhouse Cl.: Fr. Hometown: Scarsdale, N.Y. High School:  
Joyce Welch full bio Joyce Welch Cl.: So. Hometown: Cranston, R.I. High School:  
Madeleine Wilkinson full bio Madeleine Wilkinson Cl.: Fr. Hometown: Hong Kong High School:  
Martha Willey full bio Martha Willey Cl.: So. Hometown: New York, N.Y. High School: