Connecticut College 8, Illinois Wesleyan U. 1 Camels Improve to 4-1 on Spring Trip

Connecticut College 8, Illinois Wesleyan U. 1 Camels Improve to 4-1 on Spring Trip

ORLANDO, Fla.--The Connecticut College women's tennis team coasted to an 8-1 victory against Illinois Wesleyan University in a match played in Orlando, Fla. Thursday.

It was the fourth win in the past five outings for the surging Camels, who improved their record to 4-3.

Junior Adrienne Sieverding (Red Hook, N.Y.) paved the way to the victory with a convincing 6-3, 6-0 triumph at number one singles. Angelica Warren (McLeansville, S.C.) posted a 6-2, 6-1 straight set victory at second singles. At third singles, sophomore Susanna Studwell (Tucson, Ariz.) registered a 6-4, 7-6 win for Head Coach Chris O'Brien's squad.

At fifth singles, sophomore Jillian Brigandi (Harrington Park, N.J.) checked in with a 6-0, 6-2 victory for the Camels.  Ellie Rudd (Minneapolis, Minn.) took care of things at sixth singles with a 6-2, 6-0 win for Connecticut College.

In doubles action, junior Charlotte Marcoux (Sudbury, Mass.) and Aleksandra Drljaca (East Greenwich, R.I.) posted an 8-4 win in the number one pairing. Emily White (Buxton, Maine) and Brigandi recorded an 8-5 victory at second doubles.

Freshman Claudia McGee-Morales (Country Club Hills, Ill.) posted a 6-1, 6-4 victory for the Titans at fourth singles.


March 12, 2015

Orlando, Fla.

Connecticut College 8, Illinois Wesleyan University 1




 1. Adrienne Sieverding (CC) def.                                    Gail Mar (IWU) 6-3,6-0

 2. Angelica Warren (CC) def. Randi Wilson (IWU)  6-2,6-1

 3. Susanna Studwell (CC) def. Alexa Huskisson (IWU) 6-4,7-6

 4. Claudia McGee-Morales (IWU) def. Aneeka Kalia (CC)                                        6-1, 6-4

 5. Jilian Brigandi (CC) def. Boryana Borisova (IWU) 6-0,6-2

 6.  Ellie Rudd (CC) def. Cayla Dole (IWU) 6-2,6-0



  1. Aleksandra Drljaca/ Charlotte Marcoux def. Huskisson/Mar (IWU) 8-4
  2. Emily White/Brigandi (CC) def. Wilson/McGee Morales (IWU) 8-5
  3. Rudd/Gibson Miller (CC) def. Priscilla Palma/Boryana Borisova (IWU) 8-1