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2016-17 Connecticut College Women's Track & Field Roster

Event Hometown High School
Leila Alfaro full bio Leila Alfaro Cl.: Fr. Event:   Hometown: Charleston, S.C. High School:  
Ashley Bjorkman full bio Ashley Bjorkman Cl.: Sr. Event:   Hometown: Mansfield, Mass. High School:  
Diana Boyer full bio Diana Boyer Cl.: Jr. Event:   Hometown: Northbrook, Ill. High School:  
Eva Brydson full bio Eva Brydson Cl.: So. Event:   Hometown: Cape Elizabeth, Maine High School:  
Cayla Condon full bio Cayla Condon Cl.: Jr. Event:   Hometown: Sherborn, Mass. High School:  
Mimi Crawford full bio Mimi Crawford Cl.: So. Event:   Hometown: Allentown, N.J. High School:  
Ashley Curran full bio Ashley Curran Cl.: Sr. Event:   Hometown: Franklin, Mass. High School:  
Jamie Dee full bio Jamie Dee Cl.: Fr. Event:   Hometown: Bedford, N.H. High School:  
Olivia Domowitz full bio Olivia Domowitz Cl.: So. Event:   Hometown: Bethesda, Md. High School:  
Julianna Donovan full bio Julianna Donovan Cl.: Fr. Event:   Hometown: Needham, Mass. High School:  
Megan Feragne full bio Megan Feragne Cl.: Fr. Event:   Hometown: Pomfret Center, Conn. High School:  
Abby Ferland full bio Abby Ferland Cl.: Fr. Event:   Hometown: Walpole, N.H. High School:  
Sabina Flandrick full bio Sabina Flandrick Cl.: Sr. Event:   Hometown: Boulder, Colo. High School:  
Bella Franz full bio Bella Franz Cl.: Sr. Event:   Hometown: Water Mill, N.Y. High School:  
Taryn Gangi full bio Taryn Gangi Cl.: Fr. Event:   Hometown: Methuen, Mass. High School:  
Taylor Gateman full bio Taylor Gateman Cl.: So. Event:   Hometown: Swampscott, Mass. High School:  
Anna Guay full bio Anna Guay Cl.: Sr. Event:   Hometown: Watertown, Conn. High School:  
Elizabeth Hensley full bio Elizabeth Hensley Cl.: Fr. Event:   Hometown: Northport, N.Y. High School:  
Amanda Jacobsen full bio Amanda Jacobsen Cl.: Sr. Event:   Hometown: Stafford Springs, Conn. High School:  
Lauren Kennedy full bio Lauren Kennedy Cl.: Sr. Event:   Hometown: East Longmeadow, Mass. High School:  
Shannon Kennedy full bio Shannon Kennedy Cl.: So. Event:   Hometown: East Longmeadow, Mass. High School:  
Ivana Lamptey full bio Ivana Lamptey Cl.: So. Event:   Hometown: Leicester, Mass. High School:  
Caroline Longacre full bio Caroline Longacre Cl.: So. Event:   Hometown: Cheshire, Conn. High School:  
Chloe Mayhew full bio Chloe Mayhew Cl.: So. Event:   Hometown: Barrington, R.I. High School:  
Kelsey McGinnis full bio Kelsey McGinnis Cl.: Sr. Event:   Hometown: Somerset, Mass. High School:  
Koko Mensah full bio Koko Mensah Cl.: Fr. Event:   Hometown: Orange, N.J. High School:  
Sam Morse full bio Sam Morse Cl.: So. Event:   Hometown: Rockport, Maine High School:  
Micaela Nee full bio Micaela Nee Cl.: Jr. Event:   Hometown: Hanover, Mass. High School:  
Hannah Noyes full bio Hannah Noyes Cl.: Fr. Event:   Hometown: Vinalhaven, Maine High School:  
Alicia Palmer full bio Alicia Palmer Cl.: Fr. Event:   Hometown: Bloomfield, Conn. High School:  
Gianna Rocchio full bio Gianna Rocchio Cl.: Sr. Event:   Hometown: Coventry, R.I. High School:  
Aly Saperstein full bio Aly Saperstein Cl.: Jr. Event:   Hometown: Simsbury, Conn. High School:  
Emily Senatore full bio Emily Senatore Cl.: So. Event:   Hometown: Norwell, Mass. High School:  
Grace Sheeran full bio Grace Sheeran Cl.: Jr. Event:   Hometown: Medina, Wash. High School:  
Casey Sullivan full bio Casey Sullivan Cl.: Jr. Event:   Hometown: Beijing, China High School:  
Caitlin Teare full bio Caitlin Teare Cl.: So. Event:   Hometown: Yarmouth, Maine High School:  
Kaitlin Thomas full bio Kaitlin Thomas Cl.: So. Event:   Hometown: Orange, Conn. High School:  
Steph Van Riet full bio Steph Van Riet Cl.: So. Event:   Hometown: Dover, Mass. High School:  
Olivia Vener full bio Olivia Vener Cl.: Jr. Event:   Hometown: Marblehead, Mass. High School:  
Callahan Wilde full bio Callahan Wilde Cl.: Fr. Event:   Hometown: Wellesley, Mass. High School: