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Student-Athlete Code of Conduct

1. Respect for Self and Others - The Connecticut College Honor Code emphasizes respect for all human beings. Student-athletes should demonstrate respect on a daily basis, but it is especially important in preventing hazing behaviors and promoting a strong sportsmanship ethic as a participant or spectator. Hazing, misbehavior, abuse of alcohol and other drugs, and poor sportsmanship among student-athletes will not be tolerated.

2. Responsibility for Your Actions - The Connecticut College Honor Code dictates that students will “instill a sense of responsibility in those of us who falter.”  Student-athletes on our campus are expected to be leaders and embrace the concept of bystander intervention. Our student-athletes are challenged to create an environment where they and their teammates are held accountable for the highest levels of civil conduct.

3. Integration - Student-athletes uphold the Connecticut College Honor Code, not only as team members but in the classroom, the residence halls, and in a comprehensive nature as part of our greater campus community and beyond. They should take full advantage of all educational opportunities at the College in the best spirit of the NCAA Division III Philosophy and make every effort to be involved in campus life outside of athletics.

4. Integrity - A simple tenet of the Connecticut College Honor Code is to conduct yourself with honesty and integrity on the courts and fields, ice, water, in the classroom, and in our campus community. Student-athletes acting with integrity, civility, and respect will contribute to a successful team culture, a vibrant campus community, and a building block for their lives after college.