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Connecticut College Facilities & Recreation Mission

In accordance with the Connecticut College Principles of Community, it is our mission to educate students to put liberal arts into action as citizens in a global society. In Athletic Facilities and Recreation, we encourage all members of our campus community to actively participate in improving the quality of life here at Connecticut College by:

  • Creating a climate of civility in all learning environments and professional contexts.
  • Recognizing the values of diversity.
  • Fostering an environment of inclusivity and mutual understanding.
  • Expressing ideas, arguments, and points of of view in a thoughtful and respectful manner.
  • Acting equitably, honorably and with integrity.
  • Accepting the rights and responsibilities of membership in the College's community and upholding the principles outlined in this statement.

It is our goal to provide the Camel community with growth opportunities in health, fitness, wellness and recreation. We look forward to working together to optimize the athletics facilities experience for all safely and holistically.


Connecticut College Athletic Facilities User Guide

The Connecticut College athletics facilities are for the use and enjoyment of our campus community.  Students, faculty, staff, alumni, and registered guests are welcome to access athletics spaces based on open hours and availability.  There are certain times during the year when circumstances out of our control create a fluid situation with regard to scheduling the spaces. 


The following constituents are allowed access to the Athletic Facilities:

            - Current student -  Must provide current Connecticut College Identification

            - Current faculty or staff -  Must provide current Connecticut College Identification

            - Current faculty/staff spouse/partner

            - Alumnus of the College (listed in Alumni Directory)

            - Registered Guest of the College (through College or Athletics)


- If you are affiliated, you may have one guest.  Guests must be in the company of the affiliated sponsor each use.  Guests must register at front desk. See “Athletic Facilities Guest User Registration Protocol” posting in the Athletic Center/Luce Field House Lobby and on our Facilities page at .

- If affiliated, your immediate family may use the facilities, but must be accompanied by the affiliated member each use.  Immediate family members must be 16 or older to use Athletic Turf or Wood/Multipurpose Courts without the accompaniment of an affiliated adult. Immediate family members must be 16 or older AND accompanied by affiliated member when using the Natatorium or Fitness Center.

- You may be asked to present identification at any time.


For current hours of operation, click Hours of Operation .        

The schedule of Athletic Facilities can be found in a variety of ways:

1. A paper copy of the Athletic Facilities Schedule will be posted in the Athletic Center/Luce Field House Lobby next to the Front Desk, as well as in the glass showcase adjacent to the Rubber Multi-Purpose Courts.

2. Interested Users can go to , click on the “Facilities” drop down link at the top of the home page, and check the “Open Recreation Schedule” for available space. While we do our best to keep the schedule as “real time” as we can, please keep in mind the schedule is subject to frequent change, and we will do all we can to  update it as often as possible.

3. Interested Users can also access the schedule for the Charles B. Luce Field House, go to Camel Web, click on Campus Services, scroll down to the box entitled “Plan an Event” and click on Virtual EMS.  When the window opens, click on “Browse” and then “Browse for Events”.  On that page, click on “Filter” and select “Athletic Center” from the Facilities drop down menu.  Then click “Apply”.  This page will show the events scheduled on each court on each day.     

NOTE- Inclement weather and changes to varsity sport practices may cause changes to this calendar that may not be reflected in real time.


 Priority of court scheduling and usage is as follows:



3.         CLUB SPORTS

4.         INTRAMURALS


6.         OUTSIDE GROUPS – On occasion there will be outside groups utilizing our athletic facilities as we build a community presence and encourage the spirit of community engagement on our campus. During this time, recreational opportunities in designated parts of the Athletic Center may be limited, but these events will be posted on facility schedules in the AC and Online so interested users will know availability ahead of time.

**Changes to Varsity Team Practices or Competitions will override any previously scheduled event.


Kelsey Lengyel-Jacovich, Manager of Facilities, Recreation, and Home Events, coordinates the scheduling of athletics facilities.  Please contact Kelsey via telephone or text message at 860-867-6282 or to inquire about space.


Connecticut College Athletic Facilities Guest User Registration Protocol

1.)   Guest must be accompanied by a Connecticut College affiliate (someone with a Conn ID in hand or an Alumnus of the College). Go directly to the Front Desk in the Athletic Center (AC) Lobby to register Guest for facility use.

2.)   Guest should look to the Schedule on the post in the AC Lobby for available space. If no space is available, in the future, Guest should go to , click on the “Facilities” drop down link at the top of the home page, and check the “Open Recreation Schedule” for available space. Keep in mind the schedule is subject to frequent change but is updated as often as possible.

3.)   If there is available space or Guest wishes to enter AC nonetheless, Guest must show some form of ID and Sign In in the Guest Registry Binder. Guest and Host must fill out Guest Registry.

4.)   Guest must fill out a Hold Harmless Agreement (in the Guest Registry Binder) and file it in the back of the Binder.

5.)   Guest and Host must also sign out when they leave the AC.