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Connecticut College Athletic Hall of Fame

The mission of the Connecticut College Athletic Hall of Fame is to honor those who have brought distinction to themselves and Connecticut College through their athletic achievement, commitment, sportsmanship and leadership in athletics. Inductees may include alumni, coaches, faculty, administrators, or friends of the Connecticut College Community. Teams that are exceptionally distinguished through outstanding achievement or significant accomplishment may also be considered.
Alumni are eligible for nomination beginning five years after graduating  from Connecticut College. An alumnus who has not received a degree may be nominated when five years have elapsed since the class he or she entered has graduated. The Athletic Hall of Fame Committee may use its discretion in exceptional or extraordinary circumstances for non-graduates of the college. Coaches and administrators who are not Connecticut College alumni are eligible for induction five years after leaving the college. Qualified nominees not selected for induction may remain on the master ballot for future consideration.

Connecticut College Athletic Hall of Fame Members


Grant Moryan '10 (swimming)
Rand Pecknold '90 (ice hockey)
Beret Remak '07 (tennis)
Patrick Troy '10 (swimming)


Amanda Clark '05 (sailing)
Dwayne Stallings '99 (basketball)
1998 Women's Soccer Team


Gabby Petrill Beltz '06 (ice hockey)
Lisa Kingman Forness '81 (gymnastics)
Alex Samma '10 (track and field)
Gaar Talanian '86 (ice hockey)


Chris Capone ’97 (lacrosse)
Bill Lessig (men’s soccer & women’s basketball coach)
Glen Miller (men’s basketball coach)
Betsy Woods McNeil (soccer)


Timothy Boyd '01 (lacrosse and ice hockey)
Adam Fitzgerald '03 (track and field and cross country)
Kerry Newhall '98 (track and field)
Anne Parmenter (women's lacrosse and field hockey coach)


Tom Burke '81 (lacrosse, soccer, squash)
Caroline Twomey Gilbert '86 (field hockey and lacrosse)
Michael Moccia '89 (ice hockey)
Kate Kovenock '05 (swimming and diving)


Meghan Barry '97 (rowing)
Judy Fontaine Higgins '79 (track & field)
Tom Hudner '95  (lacrosse and soccer)
Beth Offenhartz Carlson '81 (volleyball)


Elizabeth Ashforth Bacon '78 P'07 '09 (field hockey, lacrosse, basketball)
Tracy Hayley Smith '97 (sailing)
Doug Roberts (men's ice hockey coach from 1979 to 2003)
The 1998-99 men's basketball team


Katherine Grinnell Peila '89 (track and field)
Timothy Smith '90 (tennis, soccer)
Zach Smith '99 (basketball)
Meghan J. Welch '00 (lacrosse, soccer)


Susan Mabrey Gaud '68 P'07 (basketball, field hockey, lacrosse and tennis)
Kim Holliday McElderry '97 (field hockey)
Sarah Pitt-Del Cristo '86 (swimming)


Caroline Davis '99 (basketball and soccer)
Dan Gallagher '81 (rowing)
Livingston Johnson '79 (rowing)
Joan Fluegelman Wexler '53 (basketball, field hockey, softball and tennis)


Phil Craft '82 (tennis)
Maura Danahy '02 (cross country, track and field)
Todd Taplin '89 (soccer, ice hockey)
Kareem Tatum '01 (basketball)


Jessica Archibald '95 (rowing)
David Barron '94 (track and field)
Damien DePeter '95 (lacrosse)
Patricia Robinson '47 (field hockey, basketball and softball)
Sheryl Yeary (former head coach of tennis, squash and volleyball)


Peter Dorfman '84 (basketball)
Meg Gaillard '95 (sailing, soccer)
Kim-An Hernandez '99 (soccer, lacrosse)
Chip Orcutt '84 (ice hockey, soccer)


Laurie Maxon Katz '65 (fencing)
Patricia Moe Andrews '84 (gymnastics)
Abbey Tyson '92 (field hockey, squash, lacrosse)
Kevin Wolfe '88 (soccer)


Nigel Bentley '83 (ice hockey, tennis)
Colin Corkery '80 (cross country, track and field)
Bobby Driscoll '94 (lacrosse, soccer)
Sheila Leniart-Lamothe '89 (swimming)
Elizabeth Lynch Cheney '92 (basketball)
Margaretta Shaw Read '57 (field hockey, sailing, softball)


Jane Cadwell Lott '36 (swimming)
Sam E. Landau '87 (field hockey, lacrosse)
Cliff Larrabee (former head coach of swimming and asst. coach of track and field)
Thomas Olsen '85 (sailing)
Carl Soane '85 (tennis)


Anne Carberry Corridan '90 (soccer)
Tom Fleming '84 (basketball)
James Luce '79 (soccer)
Mary Elizabeth Stone '49 (rowing)
Kristen Supko '92 (lacrosse, soccer)


Eva Cahalan Shea '91 (lacrosse, soccer)
Tracey Finer '87 (basketball)
Sarah Hurst '91 (lacrosse, tennis)
Peter Johnstone '88 (sailing)
Lynne Quintal Hill '87 (basketball)
Matt Shea '93 (lacrosse)
Tim Young '92 (rowing)


Laura Brunner Gulden '86 (basketball)
Jeff Geddes '89 (soccer)


James Brown '89 (ice hockey)
Jane Dornan Smith '55 (basketball, field hockey, softball)
Tom Gately '91 (lacrosse)
Jane McKee Douglas '84 (field hockey, lacrosse)


Charles B. Luce, Sr. (former Director of Athletics)
Rita MacInnis Luce '82 (basketball)


Rocco Damiano '82 (soccer)
Laura Lidell Peck '81 (rowing)


Catherine Menges Zagunis '74 (rowing, swimming)


Wayne Malinowski '81 (basketball)
Jan Merrill-Morin '79 (cross country, track and field)
Sally Smith LaPointe '56 (field hockey, lacrosse)


James Cawley '74 (basketball)
Jack Cruise (sports reporter, The Day)
Susan Ford '67 (basketball, field hockey, lacrosse)
Frances Pratt '60 (lacrosse)


Bambi Flickinger Schweitzer '75 (tennis)
David Litoff '83 (cross country, track and field)


Anita DeFrantz '74 (rowing)
Mildred Howard '20 (field hockey)