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2012-13 Volleyball Roster

Cl. Ht. Hometown High School
No.: 1 Katie Ketcham full bio Katie Ketcham Cl.: Sr. Pos.: S Ht.: 5-10 Hometown: San Francisco, Calif. High School:  
No.: 2 Christine Asher full bio Christine Asher Cl.: Fr. Pos.: OH Ht.: 5-7 Hometown: Boise, Idaho High School:  
No.: 4 Melissa Kohl full bio Melissa Kohl Cl.: So. Pos.: MB/OH Ht.: 5-10 Hometown: Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif. High School:  
No.: 5 Anelise Hohl full bio Anelise Hohl Cl.: So. Pos.: MB Ht.: 6-0 Hometown: Atherton, Calif. High School:  
No.: 6 Bianca Smith full bio Bianca Smith Cl.: So. Pos.: OH Ht.: 5-7 Hometown: San Jose, Calif. High School:  
No.: 7 Erin Barker full bio Erin Barker Cl.: Jr. Pos.: S/DS Ht.: 5-9 Hometown: Edwards, Colo. High School:  
No.: 8 Rachel Schroff full bio Rachel Schroff Cl.: Sr. Pos.: RS Ht.: 6-0 Hometown: Palos Verdes, Calif. High School:  
No.: 10 Gabi Taylor full bio Gabi Taylor Cl.: Fr. Pos.: OH-L Ht.: 5-8 Hometown: Austin, Texas High School:  
No.: 11 Carly Guiducci full bio Carly Guiducci Cl.: Sr. Pos.: L Ht.: 5-2 Hometown: Del Mar, Calif. High School:  
No.: 12 Kaitlin Cunningham full bio Kaitlin Cunningham Cl.: Fr. Pos.: S Ht.: 5-7 Hometown: Ridgefield, Conn. High School:  
No.: 14 Cailyn Straubel full bio Cailyn Straubel Cl.: Fr. Pos.: OH-L Ht.: 5-8 Hometown: Dallas, Texas High School:  
No.: 15 Jamie Balkin full bio Jamie Balkin Cl.: Fr. Pos.: L-DS Ht.: 5-6 Hometown: Glencoe, Ill. High School:  
No.: 20 Caroline Martin full bio Caroline Martin Cl.: Fr. Pos.: OH Ht.: 5-9 Hometown: Palo Alto, Calif. High School:  
No.: 21 Aly Cheney full bio Aly Cheney Cl.: Fr. Pos.: RS Ht.: 5-8 Hometown: Lafayette, Colo. High School:  
No.: 22 Andrea Mullaney full bio Andrea Mullaney Cl.: Fr. Pos.: MB Ht.: 5-11 Hometown: New Canaan, Conn. High School: